Monday, May 22, 2017

The Beach Boys and Lea Michele at Dollar Tree???

I made a stop at a Dollar Tree store not long ago and hit their card rack. I grabbed a handful of their '30 cards for a dollar' repacks and had fun opening them. But maybe just as much fun were the off-the-wall things they had kicking around in small plastic tubs off to the side. For a buck I had to pick up a few. I may or may not post the soccer and hoops packs but I for sure wanted to scan and post these.

First up...the Beach Boys? Yes America's 60s era surfing, singing stars. I was a big fan back in the day. I'm not much on listening to nostalgic music now but every once in awhile I'll flip my Sirius radio over to '60s on 6 for a day of  these guys, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, the Dave Clark Five, etc.

These cards were about what you'd uneven mix of solo 'action' pictures, group shots and publicity stills turned into cards.

I wish I'd have gotten a card of the enigmatic BB founder and leader Brian Wilson. Growing up he always appeared to be a bit 'odd' from a distance. We never were aware of the issues he faced in his life. He was the driving force behind 'Pet Sounds', one of the great albums of all time.

Not much to say about these. I didn't scan the backs (the print is tiny!) but they generally described the front picture. This one below is a shot from their early days as The Pendletones.

Without looking for a checklist I'm guessing there are cards for their hits and albums.

Kind of fun stuff for me as I'm familiar with the group but I'd bet the packs sit there at Dollar Tree for quite awhile. I don't see the patrons as a target market for these. 

Another Panini product on the shelf was one that was more familiar to me...Americana. I'm pretty sure I have a few cards from prior releases but this is the first time I've come across the 2015 version. 

First card out of the pack and we have a winner!

My wife always wondered why I'd sit and watch Glee with her from time to time. She probably thought it was an attempt to be a good husband. Let's let her keep believing that, shall we?

I also got cards of these two guys.

I'll plead guilty to the charge of being Hip Hop ignorant and admit I knew Run-DMC was a big deal but knew zip about them. I had no idea that the named was tied to these guys.

Back to the ladies....

Dorothy Lamour...pretty hot movie starlet from the 30s and 40s.

The rest of the pack contained Erkel (Jaleel White...who knew?) and three other superfluous folks.

My new policy is that cheap stuff like this that I don't want goes in the trash. So Lea and Dorothy, welcome to the non-sports binder. The rest of you...Adios!

Speaking of adios...I also bought a pack of 2017 Score football. Turned out to be one of the worst packs of sports cards I ever remember opening. I couldn't be bothered scanning these individually. They are presented here for your disdain.

All in all I spent about $10 on the baseball repacks and assorted odds and ends in the Dollar Tree card display. I'm working on a post about the baseball cards. those were more fun than these.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Bat-bonus

I've been collecting quite a few Batman sketch cards over the last few weeks. I've easily surpassed my goal to fill a nine pocket binder page. In fact I am approaching two binder pages.

The Aaron Laidley card above cost me $13. Laidley has stuff all over eBay but doesn't appear to have a site of his own. He's apparently British. Anyway it's another unique take on the Caped Crusader. I really hadn't given much thought to the many different versions of Batman that have flown through pop culture.

Next up is another Ellyn Rose Acord card. This one depicts Micheal Keaton's movie Batman. It was $7.50 and is the second Acord card in the binder.

Finally a completely different look as I picked up a 'cartoon' Batman Beyond sketch card by Cary Vallery. He does a lot of cards with the profits going to children's charities. 

Also enclosed with that last card was a pack of Batman movie cards. I've got this set as it contained cards showing my college roomie Robert Wuhl who played  newspaper reporter Alexander Knox in Tim Burton's Batman flick of 1989.

I didn't get any cards of Wuhl but I didn't have any of the stickers that originally came in the packs so this first piece was new to me. 

Here are three of the five cards and a look at the back of one of them.

I have lost the index card which I was using to tally my sketch card costs but no matter. I'm sure I could arrange the cards in a way that the cost of at least one page was under $75 (my original goal) but that would be cheating. I'm just going to finish the two pages (18 cards) and post them when I'm done.

Monday, May 15, 2017

My wife went to Stonehenge ....

....and all I got were some lousy baseball cards. 

OK, so I got these at Target. But the rest is true. My wife is off on a two week trip to England and Scotland which means I can watch anything I want, eat anything I want and not make the bed.

That pic above is dawn on Sunday at Stonehedge. The pic below is a green Gypsy Queen card. I've been pretty 'meh' when it comes to GQ every year. But these green bordered ones are pretty nice.

I bought a three-pack hanger of these which had a coupon attached that entitled me to a free pack of Opening Day. I didn't get anything spectacular in these GQ packs.

I needed a card of Jim Johnson in a Braves uni for my fantasy BB binder. Here it is.

Brad Ziegler looks like Jimmy Buffett on the tail end of a five day bender.

I got an Oriole! Alert the media!

I also needed a card of Jays' stopper Roberto Osuna. The good news is I got one. The bad news is it was this one:

It's one of those phony-ass stupid fake misprint missing color plate things. C'mon man...this looks like one of the cards that a card shop I used to frequent in west Houston had in their window display for a decade and a half. I don't want a sun bleached card. I'm not putting this in my fantasy binder. #thanksObama

This next one is worse.

No name. I hate sets that don't have players names on the front. They made this another phony variation. Pfffffft. I don't want to turn the card over to find out who he is. 

Opening Day is fine and dandy if irrelevant to me. Having said that I liked quite a few of the cards. Francisco Lindor is always having a good time playing ball. I like this kid a lot.

A double Cutch hot pack. I got his regular and his shiny card both. He's not hitting his weight and I have him on BOTH of my teams. I'm keeping the faith though. Talent will out in the end.

Getting two Birds in one pack is unheard of!

I got a card of a sandwich.

And a card of whatever this is.

Another Indian showing emotion. Miller is excited, not doing some dopey choreographed preening. Good for him.

I needed this card weeks ago. So I bought one on eBay. Then I got one in my first pack of Opening Day. Then I got this one in this pack of Opening Day. Sigh.

While I was standing there in the card aisle at Target something possessed me to buy a pack of Bowman. I usually end up with Bowman cards thru COMC or eBay because I like to stash minor leaguers on my teams. Lots of times their only readily available card is a Bowman.

This is a shiny chromified card of a guy I don't know.

here are the cards of guys I've heard of.

And here is a shiny, reflective 2017 version of Bowman's 1951 Duke Snider card. I love the '51 Bowman set and Duke's card in it is pretty sweet. This is the best card I got in the whole stack!

As I walked out of Target I spotted a Dollar Tree store in the same center. And yes, I DID venture in to see what they had for a buck. I'll save that answer for another post.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

More Topps License Plates and Post Cereal ones, too!

Here's a follow-up to my first post about the 1953 Topps License Plates set I'm dabbling in. I found the New York plate I wanted and grabbed several more. I doubt I'll ever try to collect all 75 but they are cheap enough so I'll give it some thought after I finish up my other projects.

The rest of these were bought because I have some (usually tenuous) connection to the state..or just because they caught my eye.

I really like the cowboy image which Wyoming still uses, I think I bought the Massachusetts plate because it's close to a clone of the one on my car.

Colorado still uses the 'Colorful Colorado' slogan, or at least they did not long ago.

The set had plates from some foreign countries as well as US states and Canadian provinces. I bought both of the Swiss plates I saw.

Two from north of the border.

I've been thru Delaware many times. Best part is that it's the starting point for the neat ride on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

Not going to post all the backs of these....just a state, province and one of the Swiss 'Cantons' which are more or less the equivalent of  our 'states'. I read the Wikipedia entry and it's still 'swiss' to me. This link goes to the Trading Card DB checklist if you are interested.

In 1960 Post cereal boxes came with state plates as part of the boxes. There were 50 in the set and like Posts' baseball and football sets of that era they were intended to be cut out by hand. The backs are blank. 

I bought two, New York and Maryland, in the same COMC (or eBay..I forget) purchase as the Topps ones here. As you can see the info included here under the plate image is similar to the backs of the Topps items. 

These things are a bit 'taller' than standard sized trading cards.and just a bit narrower. I scanned one with a horizontal current Topps card for comparison. And they are similarly priced. I think they were a couple of dollars each.

License plates are a neat little item. My dad worked for Shell Oil's tax branch when we were growing up and was transferred back and forth between New York and Houston a couple of times in the 60s. As a family we made the trips by car and cataloging the plates we came across was one way to kill the time. That's one reason these have caught my eye I suppose.