Sunday, April 23, 2017

eBay Envelope Stuffers

About a week or so ago a couple of eBay purchases arrived in my mailbox together. Both were one card purchases. Both had something in common....each seller used interesting stuff to 'pad' the envelope. 

One of my purchased cards was a Gordie Howe O-Pee-Chee from the late 60s that I'll do a post on soon enough. The other was a '58 Richie Ashburn that I grabbed as an upgrade for my set. 

One dealer (I can't recall which was which) used six 2017 GQ's to fill out one of those oversized card bags. Funny thing is I needed a Gsellman card for my fantasy binder. I think I already sent the Seager card to a Dodger collector and deGrom is headed out as well. I sort of half-assedly collect Cutch. Maybe 'collect' is not the right term. I just kind of 'save' Cutch cards I find in packs, etc. The guy sent me two of them which is cool. If someone wants a GQ Cutch lemme know.

The other dealer used two thick as hell football cards and lots of tape along with three card protectors in his package. Both of these cards would go into my football fantasy league binder if they weren't the thickness of about three or four normal cards. That Calvin Johnson is a really a great looking one.

It's fairly common to receive an extra card from some eBay sellers. These are probably the only ones I've ever received that actually were worth getting.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Close Out Sale

Somehow on eBay I came across a guy who said he was closing his store and was offering six card lots for a dollar apiece. He promised stars, game used, parallels, blah blah blah. Just for grins I bought three lots. Even with the $3 shipping I was looking at 33 cents a card. I figured at the least I'd get some PWE fodder and a blog post out of them.

He said it was a Dutch Auction which wasn't a term I was familiar with. Turns out it means the price drops until he finds a buyer. So I suppose the 6-card lots were higher previously. Whatever.

So, how did I do? Hard to say. Like the answer I gave to a friend who asked if I was disappointed with potus45. LOL It's hard to be disappointed when you have zero expectations.

I received baseball, football and hoops cards. Wouldn't have minded some hockey but that's OK. First off here is my favorite card of the group. I have never collected Frank Thomas and I missed out on a big chunk of his career since I wasn't following the game. But he seems to be a pretty nice guy and he of course is a Hall of Famer. I really like this card.

Next comes a numbered 2006 Topps card of someone named Mike Jacobs.

Best part of this card is the cartoon. Jacobs had a nice debut week apparently.

The most colorful baseball card of the group is this Upper Deck Don Mattingly. It looks like something you'd find in an SI for Kids issue.

I'm not going to go on and on about each card. This UD Clemens is a nicely composed one. I like how the design works with the photo. 

I guess Troy Polamalu is a star. At least his hair is/was. the Kelly/Aikman is an interesting oddball.

Chrome-a-lated Yao Ming. It's just as hard to read in hand as it appears in the scan.

I'm going to put this Emmitt Smith in my fantasy football binder. I always feel like I go my moneys worth when I can add a card to that collection.

Panini Travis Kelce. Texans host the Chiefs again this year according to the NFL schedule released yesterday. I'm tired of them. I think I've seen them four times in the last three seasons.

Another BoSox pitcher. My sons can't believe I rooted for his Boston clubs to win the World Series those couple of years he led them there. Well for one thing league loyalty runs deep for me. And for another I'll admit to being one of  'those' fans at that time...I only got interested when the series rolled around. I didn't feel the rival team animosity as much. Plus, I like Pedro. I have no idea why.

I have no idea who Michael Smith is.

Greg Maddox. This card just looks weird to me.

Big Chuck. He makes me laugh, in small doses.

A Topps Sammy Sosa. The odd 3D sort of effect is not working for me. Or maybe it's just that I don't care much for Sosa.

"Practice?" Just yesterday I saw that phrase as a bumper sticker on a VW Golf. I don't know what it was trying to say to me.

Normally I'd dig an Expos Vlad card. I just wish thet'd have stayed with their original unis.

There were other cards but you get the idea. For $3 plus $3 shipping I'd say it was worth it. But I won't buy more. I can spend six bucks at tomorrow's hotel card show and get 8 or 10 vintage gems. In fact that's what I plan to do. I'll report back.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#30DBCC Days 11-20 Recap

The 30 Day blog and /or Twitter Challenge has been both fun and thought provoking for me. I've gone through binders I hadn't looked at in a long time. At least twice I posted a card for a daily challenge and then later thought "that card would have work better for THIS one."

Anyway, here is the next installment, Days 11 through 20.

Day 11...a favorite card from the 70s. I went with the Jim Palmer Kellogg's card for a couple of reasons. I have plenty of them for one thing. And they are just plain neat cards. The 3D aspect was unique then and nobody has done it as well since. 

I could have put the '78 Murray rookie here but that one would have fit in several other places. I already used it a a favorite rookie card.

Day 12. A favorite from the 80s. Rochester Cal Ripken. The only card I own that I ever considered paying to have graded. I have two of these, the other is on display on my shelves. That one isn't off-center.

Day 13. A favorite from the 90s. I was a David Clyde fan since I watched him as a high school phenom. He was a man playing against boys.

Day 14. A favorite from the 2000s. 2008 Topps Barack Obama. No comment other than I remember buying one pack of 2008 Topps cards at a Wal Mart and opening them in the parking lot. I remember being disappointed in the design. 

Day 15. A favorite from the 2010s. I could have chosen any of about a hundred great Stadium Club cards from the last three years. This one is about as good as a card gets.

Day 16. A card of a guy I didn't like but admired. .My only decision was which Reggie to post. I chose a great one I picked up from the late Bob Lemke. RIP Bob

Day 17. A card from the first set I put together by hand. .I decided to use a card from my first major set blogging project, '59 Topps. I'm sure i put together several sets as a kid but I couldn't swear which the were. Probably '62 or '63. Those were school yard sets projects. Picking the '59 gave me the chance to post this great Frank Robinson card.

Day 18. A card of a player who went on to manage your fave team. Could have used a Frank Robinson card here as well. I scanned his rookie card but then decided to use a Bauer for variety. This one had just arrived as an upgrade for the '58 binder.

Day 19. A favorite from outside the USA. This one was right in my wheelhouse. I flipped thru my Japanese card collection and chose three different Sadaharu Oh menkos. 

I'm in doubt about the legitimacy of this one:

I like this one .....

....but I like this one the most!!

And finally we get to Day 20: A parallel you like not for the player but the design.  I pay next to no attention to parallels so I was at a disadvantage on this one. First one I found was this framed Brooks from an Upper Deck set. Winner by acclamation I guess. 

I'm in the midst of pulling and scanning for the final leg of the challenge. They may be the most fun of them all. I hate to see the end of the 30 days coming at me.

I'll post those once the challenge is done.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Batman Sketch Card and Not-A-Batman Sketch Card

I added two cards to the 'page fulla Batman sketches' project last week. Or did I? 

First up is one I found on Etsy(?!?) done by artist Alyssa Torres for $12. First of all I don't think I knew about Etsy until I hit the shopping button on Google while doing a search for these things.

One of the best things about this little project is seeing the different takes that artists have on the same subject. Ms Torres (or Alyssa Sketch'd as she signs her work) had this on the page for this card:
The Bat. Looking over his city, plotting the best way to take down the scourge of of Gotham.
Batman is my favorite hero. Yeah, he's rich but he's super intelligent and incredibly clever. And he's always 15 steps ahead of everyone. Batman always wins.

As with a lot of these the ink or paint bleeds to the back.

This next card is done by David Lee (not the hoops David Lee nor the BALTIMORE Colts punter I'm assuming) and it's spectacular. Except it's a print, not a sketch card. A "Limited Edition Print" but a print none the less.

I knew it when I read the listing so I don't feel like I was misled. But I sure was disappointed when I read it because nabbing an original work that was this nice would have been pretty cool.

So only the first of these two will be going into the binder page although the Lee print card will have a spot in the Batman binder as well.

More Batman sketches popped up recently and I have one in transit, one mysteriously hung up at a postal facility somewhere in Houston and bids in on two others.

Running total...Five of nine batman sketch cards acquired, $39 dollars spent. I need to pick up four more with the $36 remaining under my 'cap' to hit my target. Gonna be close.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two More Batman Sketch Cards

My quest for a full nine pocket page of Batman sketch cards is coming along nicely. I've picked up six of which two are in transit in my direction. 

The first one is by an artist named Ellyn R. Accord. She was the artist who did one of the first two I posted. I tried again to find out more about her but details were 'sketchy'. </groan> The listing described this one as being in the 'pop art' batmania style of the 1960s. Whatever. It's pretty nice. And the cost was $6.50.

So this one I really like. It's by artist Dave Beaty who does some really awesome work. You can see more on his site. The cost was $8.50 which was a bargain compared to what he sells his other stuff for. He did cards for something I had no awareness of...Batman: The Legend trading card set by Cryptozoic Entertainment / DC Comics. Looks really sweet.

So these two had a total cost of $15 not including shipping. That brings me to $27.50 of my $75 target. Next week I'll have a couple more to post including one whose pedigree as a true 'sketch card' is currently under review.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

#30DBCC 10 Day Recap

The #Twitter 30 Day BB Card Challenge 'thing' I mentioned previously is also being posted as blog entries by several folks and it works just as well there. Maybe better since blog posts don't have the 140 character restriction.

Anyway I thought I'd recap my first 10 days of my cards here. Why Not?

Here are the original guidelines as posted by Tony of the Off Hiatus blog. Tony got the idea from a music version of the same thing which I tried to follow but failed at.

Some participants have deviated from them to meet their own collecting interests and that makes it even more fun. In a few days when we get to 'A Fave Card from the 2000s' I'll be reeeeally challenged. For several of these I've had a hard time narrowing it down to one to post. For the next couple I'll have trouble coming up with even one. LOL

So here is what I've done so far:

Day One: Current Year Card with a cool photo...I loved the Adam Jones Topps Now card of his homer theft WBC catch. I bought this card but it hasn't arrived yet. I can't tell you who hit this thing or what country AJ was playing against but I thought the picture was awesome.

Day Two..a Multi Player card. I've always liked this '67 card with three Birds..

Day Three..A card from the 1st set I tried to complete. I remember the '62 set as a playground staple at St. Mary's School in Nutley, New Jersey.  We bought nickel packs with money we earned from collecting bottles, swapped doubles, flipped against the school wheelchair ramp, whatever it took. I think I had the whole set eventually. I picked the Mudcat Grant card because it's Mudcat Grant. No better reason needed.

Day Four...Rookie Card of a favorite player...Eddie Murray '78 Topps. Spectacular card.

Day Five...Certified Auto of a favorite player. Billy Pierce Certified Auto checks both boxes.  I have four different CA Billys. I like this one best. My scanner doesn't though.

Day Six... card I spent more that $10 to get...Looking back I believe I missed this challenge. It may be somewhere on Twitter as a reply but my Twitter skills are still Level 1. :::shrug:::

That was a very challenging challenge. I've spent more than $10 on a boatload of cards. I considered many many different ones, my Brooks Robinson rookie for example, but I thought I'd do a non-Oriole for this.

So here is the card I was planning to tweet...1958 Topps All Star Mickey Mantle. I don't recall what I actually spent but it wasn't cheap. This is a card I wanted for a looooong time. I love the '58 All Star design. And Mickey Mantle is simply a baseball icon. Took me forever to find a decent copy at a price i was willing to pay but I nabbed this one in 2012.

BTW...the Koufax card I posted up top was one I seriously considered for a couple different categories. I put it there for fun.

Day Seven...a card I bought in person and the story behind it...1967 Mark Belanger/Bill Dillman high number rookie. I called it my 'First White Whale and you can see the story in my post from four years ago. In a nutshell it was the card that finished my first 'grown-up' card project, collecting all the Orioles from 1954 onward.

Day Eight...A card that reminds me of a family member. This wasn't hard. Almost any card with a nice view of Yankee Stadium reminds me of my Dad and all the good times we had there. I picked the '59 Ford because that was the year of my first  ballgame with him. And Ford was a real favorite of his.

Day Nine...a favorite '50s card. Wow...which to choose? I went with a 1957 Topps Campanella. Can't go wrong with Campy. I considered about two dozen others though.

Day Ten...a favorite '60s card. Now this was crazy...Tony and I independently chose THE SAME CARD. Out of all the incredible cards from that decade of sweet sets we both decided to use the 1961 Topps Wes Covington. He posted hours before I did but I promise I hadn't seen it when I posted mine. It's a beauty for sure.

The #30DBCC is now up through Day 11 or 12 for some folks although everyone is on their own timetable. I'll do another recap once I make it through 20 days.